10 Best Performing Airlines in Africa 2022


Before the invention of commercial aircraft, only a few people in the world could embark on a sea voyage, and only these specialists had the privilege of interacting with other parts of the world.

Today, with a plane ticket, you can reach anywhere in the world where you want, and in just a few hours, as opposed to weeks, months or even years of sea travel.

With the way integrated air travel has become today, the conversation has shifted from commemorating the innovation of air travel itself to celebrating the airline that provides the best service.

Right off the bat, when thinking of quality airlines, certain names come to mind, Emirates and others, but it is also important to consider the performance of said airlines in particular regions.

Many countries have a hybrid system of purchasing air services that are either state owned or privately owned.

These airlines engage in healthy competition as they race to see who can innovate fastest and provide solutions that make air travel very convenient, safe and relaxing for their customers.

Skytrax World Airline Awards is an organization that has taken the liberty of evaluating the top performing airlines globally, and they have just released their list of awards for the year. See the list of the best airlines for 2021…

It is the largest annual airline passenger satisfaction survey in the world, as it uses a value-for-money measurement system to determine the methodology of its surveys.

13.42 million eligible entries were counted in the final results. The customer survey took place from September 2021 to August 2022.

Below are 10 of the most successful motherland airlines according to Skytrax;

It is the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles. Fun fact: it became the first airline to receive overflight rights from the Saudi government for its flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fastjet is an airline operating primarily in Zimbabwe. It is a subsidiary of Fastjet limited, an airline based in the UK. Fun fact: it is an airline whose brand identity is procuring air travel at low prices, given the economic situation of the continent.

It is an airline based in South Africa. Fun fact: this airline was bought by a South African international shipping entity, aptly called Safmarine.

As the name suggests, this airline is the flag carrier airline of Rwanda. His services spread throughout East Africa. Fun fact: this airline is 49% owned by Qatar Airways.

Yet another airline whose emo is given by name, Egyptair is the national airline of Egypt. Fun fact: This airline flies to around 70 direct destinations worldwide, including 19 in Africa, and over 40 more with codeshare flights.

Air Mauritius is the flag carrier airline of Mauritius. Fun fact: This airline has entered voluntary administration, due to travel restrictions imposed by many countries on its citizens and visitors, but the airline is still operational.

Kenya Airways, is the flag carrier airline of Kenya. Fun fact: Due to the difficulties faced by this airline in the first quarter of 2022, the company’s management decided to reduce its jet rental costs by 35%. Read the story here….

3. South African Airlines:

Another airline based in South Africa, the airline is the flag carrier airline of South Africa. Fun fact: This airline opposes collecting Naira as payment, despite its declared interest in entering the West African air transport market.

Simply known as RAM, Royal Air Maroc is Morocco’s national carrier, and also the country’s largest airline. Fun fact: this airline recently promised to adjust its schedule in order to bring North African fans to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in support of the Moroccan national team, the Atlas Lions.

It is no surprise that this airline came in at number 1, given its history of premium air services, Ethiopian Airlines is the national airline of Ethiopia and is wholly owned by the Ethiopian government. Fun fact: this airline has many stakes in other airlines in Africa. Read the story here…


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