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Hi. We have more updates on the AWS outage, and Elon Musk has officially sold his last remaining home (next step, colonize Mars).

Let’s dive into it.

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1. AWS failure could cause shipping delay before holiday. Amazon Web Services’ massive outage on Tuesday toppled the apps the company uses to talk to its frontline workers, and will likely cause delivery delays for Amazon packages.

  • “It’s chaos, total chaos,” said one employee. “There is going to be chaos until Christmas.”
  • Beyond the shipping delays, the outage could affect the paychecks of some Amazon Flex delivery drivers. The company warned drivers that they may not be compensated until December 14. What we know so far.
  • Amid the chaos, videos show Amazon warehouse workers dancing, singing karaoke and playing baseball after it all stops. See how some workers spent the time.

In other news:

Former Amazon employee Chris Smalls in front of Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island on November 25, 2021.Valentina goncharova

2. Amazon trade unionists say an NYPD visit quickly turned sour. Unionists at a Staten Island warehouse said one was handcuffed and held in a cell, and both received court summons. They shared their version of the incident.

3. In Better Hell Week. America’s largest startup fell from grace after its CEO fired 900 people in a three-minute Zoom call. An employee’s work email and messaging was cut so quickly that he had to question former colleagues through Facebook. More than 10 former employees took us inside the company which crashed and burned down over the past week.

4. Instagram strives to bring the feed back chronologically. After removing the timeline feed in favor of a controversial engagement-based ranking in 2016, the company decided to go back to its roots, said Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. Why Instagram is removing engagement-based feed.

5. Meta lost at least 18 executives in 2021. As the company (formerly known as Facebook) goes through a major upheaval, some of its oldest executives have left the company. Some left quietly – and others criticized the company on leaving. Here are all those who left this year.

6. You can play video games in a Tesla while driving. Tesla owners can use their vehicle’s screen to play video games, even when the car is in motion, the New York Times first reported. Here’s what you need to know about Tesla video games.

7. NBA star backs delivery startup modeled after Whole Foods. Baron Davis and other investors have put their weight behind Fast AF, a lightning-fast delivery service that offers premium snacks and drinks, as well as cosmetics and exercise equipment. Get the recap on Fast AF.

8. Another billionaire has just launched into space. Japanese fashion mogul Yusaku Maezawa was dispatched on a 12-day space trip yesterday and said he will give money to the people of Earth while he is in orbit. He also shared footage from his training, which he said “almost looks like torture.” You can watch the video here.

9. Elon Musk sold his last house for $ 30 million. Musk has repeatedly stated that he plans to sell his assets to fund a settlement on Mars and came one step closer when he sold his 47-acre property on December 2. More on that here.

10. A lot for a casino in New York includes a crypto-trading hall and a landing strip for flying cars. A seasoned Las Vegas asset manager is looking to start a huge crypto-friendly casino – and hopes to make it the biggest crypto-trading hall in the world. Get the details of the $ 3 billion proposal.

What we are watching today:

  • Expected benefits of Oracle, Costco, Lululemon, etc. Keep up to date with the winnings here.
  • The Forbes Power Women’s 2021 Summit takes place virtually today.
  • Today is Apple’s deadline to comply with a court ruling on embedded payments.
  • HashiCorp shares are expected to start trading on the NASDAQ.

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