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1. The disruptive power of the Metaverse cannot be overstated – that’s according to Jefferies. Investors are turning to everything virtual, including digital lands, blockchain-related luxury items (have you heard of the Metaverse Yacht?), And virtual economies.

Jefferies believes investors should view the metaverse as having the same disruptive potential as the early internet. The investment bank recommends focusing on hardware first, then software, and finally on companies related to the metaverse.

Other investment giants agree. Morgan Stanley analysts have called the metaverse the “next big thing” in investing, while other leading investors see it as a trillion dollar opportunity.

But the trend goes far beyond Wall Street, and the digital economy is being driven by individuals as well.

“Anyone interested in the NFT market knows that investors have flocked in part because they believe they can get a high return on their investment by buying NFTs,” Chainalysis analysts said.

The metaverse economy is booming:

2. US stocks are poised for another winning day after rising the most since March. Omicron’s nerves ease, although oil traders are not so convinced – prices are falling. Here are the latest developments in the market.

3. Mike Wilson of Morgan Stanley sees the risks increase in the stock market. The longtime bear is keeping a close eye on inflation and Omicron. He explained which risk is worth addressing – and the three areas that present the best opportunities.

4. Gains on deck: Gamestop, Campbell Soup, H&R Block, all reporting.

5. More than half of US bitcoin holders bought the cryptocurrency for the first time this year. A new grayscale study has found that demand for the leading crypto has reached new highs this year despite its volatility. See the numbers here.

6. Warren Buffett’s business partner vowed never to buy crypto, and argued that Elon Musk’s overconfidence fueled his success. Charlie Munger also praised Chinese regulators and said the markets are wilder than during the dot-com bubble. Here’s what the legendary investor had to say.

7. A computer scientist claiming to have created bitcoin will keep $ 54 billion after a civil lawsuit. A Florida jury ruled in favor of Craig Wright, who will keep a cache of 1.1 million bitcoins. Wright said the decision warrants him as the creator of the world’s most valuable crypto.

8. The numbers behind Cathie Wood’s 2021 nightmare: Ark Invest’s flagship fund plunged 24%, dragged down by tech stocks which were battered by the prospect of central bank easing. Now six of Ark’s eight ETFs are in the red.

9. Sylvia Jablonski, Head of Investments at Defiance ETFs, shared her take on how to play in an emotional market. She believes now is the time to get into digital assets. Jablonski broke down the industry’s five heavyweights with surprising NFT exposure –and three buying opportunities to capitalize on volatility.

10. This 12 year old girl won $ 1.6 million with her own NFT collection. She shared the process, tools and platforms she was using to sell NFT JPEG and generative art. “It sold out within hours.”

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