10 things in technology you need to know today


1. It’s official: Amazon Prime is about to get more expensive. The e-commerce giant announced yesterday that its membership will increase by $20 per year.

The cost of Prime will drop from $119 to $139 per year, or $12.99 to $14.99 for those paying monthly. This will be the third price increase in Prime’s history. When it launched in 2005, Amazon charged $79 per year in the United States for the service, and has since increased the cost to $99 in 2014 and $119 in 2018. The price increase will go into effect for members Premium existing after March 25 on their membership renewal date. New members will see the higher price from February 18. Amazon pointed to rising costs and added benefits as reasons for the price increase.

3. Carbon accounting and offsetting startups are buzzing right now. As companies race to reduce, track and offset their carbon emissions, a flood of new carbon accounting startups have begun vying for their attention. We asked VCs which startups are about to take off, and they gave us a list of the 17 hottest climate tech companies.

4. Tesla is recalling up to 817,000 more cars. Just days after announcing a recall of 54,000 vehicles, the company is recalling cars due to issues with their seat belt alerts. The recall affects all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, as well as certain Model S and Model X cars. Get the full rundown here.

5. The great venture capital quit is underway. Over the past few months, investors have been quitting, opting instead to strike out on their own to raise new funds, including Katie Haun, an influential crypto investor who left Andreessen Horowitz. Why they head for the exits.

6. Google is trying to save Stadia, its failing gaming service. The company has refocused its Stadia division largely on striking deals with partners like Peloton, Capcom, and Bungie and offering the technology to them under a new name: Google Stream. Inside the fight to save Stadia.

7. A woman started a TikTok to teach people Excel and turned it into a seven-figure business. At the start of the pandemic, Kat Norton created an account teaching the functions of Excel, and has since attracted hundreds of thousands of followers and earned as much as six figures in a single day. She explains how she turned her side business into a full-time job.

8. Spotify’s CEO says the streamer needs Joe Rogan to achieve his “bold ambitions”. According to leaked audio obtained by The Verge, CEO Daniel Ek defended the company’s decision to continue airing Rogan’s controversial podcast in a 15-minute speech to staffers. That’s what he told the employees.

9. A Black Woman’s Guide to Venture Capital Fundraising. Insider followed 40 black women who raised at least $1 million in venture capital funds last year and asked them how they navigated this tricky landscape. From pitching investors to building a support network, here are their tips on how to raise millions.

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