10 Ways Africans Can Earn Dollars


Consider these authentic ways to make money with your skills and change your life for good. These highlighted ways are based on verifiable statistics and analytics obtained from platforms such as Upwork.

1. Freelance or remote jobs

According to freelancer earnings statistics obtained from Upwork, freelance and remote jobs provide money-making opportunities for skilled professionals. A DDIY report on freelance statistics shows that 65% of freelancers earn more than their previous job and 31% earn more than $75,000 a year.

The beauty of the Internet is that anyone can benefit from its enormous opportunities. Skilled Africans can earn money by applying for jobs on remote and freelance platforms. Africans with skills in writing, data analysis, graphic design, website and app development can earn money from the comfort of their homes.

2. Become a social media consultant

According to Indeed, a social media consultant specializes in social media planning and business growth strategies. Most social media consultants are experts in improving the presence of brands and organizations on social media.

Africans who can identify areas for business improvement and develop social strategies for marketing success can earn money from home. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a social media consultant in the United States earns over $40,000, making it a hot spot for Africans.

In its research of online fitness statistics for 2021/2022, Run Repeat found that the virtual workout industry saw huge growth in 2021 as gym memberships declined. The report further revealed that the online fitness industry was valued at $10.71 billion in 2021, representing a growth of 77.33% since 2019.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average virtual trainer in the United States earns over $44,000 per year and Africans are benefiting from the growth of the industry. Africans skilled in creating and uploading tutorials and training courses on available platforms can earn money.

According to Vlog Idea, vlogging is an ideal way to make money online for people who prefer talking instead of writing. Vloggers make money by creating and uploading videos to platforms like YouTube, paying in dollars. According to a Glassdoor blogger salary review, the average salary in the United States is over $50,000.

You can earn blogs with content creation and visits to your blogs, which makes it ideal for talented African writers. Skilled Africans can earn money through written or video content on blogs and streaming platforms from home.

According to Hosting Tribunal, 23% of the US population purchased an e-book in 2020, and one in six e-books sold in 2021 was an e-book. E-book statistics further revealed that Amazon accounts for 68% of the industry. According to Smart Blogger, self-publishing with Amazon KDP is 100% free, making it a hotspot for African writers.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing presents revenue-generating opportunities for African authors. You can self-publish an eBook on Amazon and earn dollars every time someone buys.

According to the World Scholarship Forum, a translator conveys the message of a written text from a source language to the target language. Africans who are able to convey messages in different languages ​​can earn dollars from anywhere on the continent.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average online translator in the United States earns over $78,000. Many translators get remote jobs and freelance gigs, and Africans benefit from the market without local barriers.

According to Dodropshipping, dropshipping requires effective communication with customers and suppliers. Most dropshipping agents make money by setting up an online store to sell products to customers without physical contact, ideal for Africans.

A report by Blucart states that successful dropshipping agents can earn over $100,000 in the first year depending on their capabilities, market competitiveness, and size. Africans can make money from online dropshipping businesses by selling products in any niche with a proven business model.

According to the World Scholarship Forum, online transcription jobs are growing in popularity making them ideal for Africans. Africans with listening and typing skills can earn money from the comfort of their homes through online transcription jobs.

The average online transcriptionist in the United States earns over $45,000, according to statistics made available by Zip Recruiter. Africans can therefore make a career out of listening and typing with attention to detail. According to Financial Wolves, you can earn $15-25 per hour of audio work on freelancing platforms.

According to Appinventiv, opportunities to earn millions of dollars abound in the app development industry. Africans can benefit from the vast market and earn money by developing apps for Android and Apple markets.

Note that the iOS app store has over 1.85 million different apps and the Android market has more. Every business owner wants an app, and skilled African developers can earn money by providing development services at home and abroad.

10. Start a YouTube channel

According to One Hour Professor, YouTube is growing every day as 77% of 15-35 year olds in the United States use the platform. The report further revealed that an average YouTube channel earns $18 per 1,000 ad views. These figures mean that Africans can earn $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views on YouTube.

The platform is lucrative for skilled professionals to create valuable content for their target audience. Africans can start a channel on the platform and amass subscribers and active viewers to earn money.

Try to research freelancing platforms thoroughly before signing up. Also consider honing your skills and offering services in your niche market. Africans can achieve financial freedom with regular passive dollar income. Earning dollars from the African continent can improve your standard of living due to the high exchange rate.

Olayinka Sodiq is a skilled copywriter with technical, analytical and writing experience gained over 5 years of in-house and freelance gigs. He is versed in finance, investments, technology, blockchain, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, etc.


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