7 profitable side jobs for African flight attendants


According to Clear Words Translations, working as an interpreter or translator is exciting and lucrative. Moreover, translators and interpreters are in great demand in society and business, and Africans can benefit from them. From interpreting court information to translating business meetings abroad, bilingual flight attendants in Africa can generate revenue with this side hustle. If you can translate and interpret information for non-English speaking passengers on a plane, this cost-effective hustler idea is for you. Also, you can earn a decent side income as a freelancer offering translation services online.

Become a travel writer

According to Pitch Travel Write, travel writing is a lucrative business idea with endless possibilities. African flight attendants with excellent writing skills can earn a decent income in this industry. If you can research travel trends, events, and destinations, consider becoming a travel writer. The idea is to make money by writing engaging travel blog posts and articles that appeal to readers. African flight attendants can earn money by writing content for foreign magazines, newspapers, websites and TV shows without national barriers.

Do micro tasks

According to This Online World, performing micro tasks is one of the best ways to earn a decent income online. Doing micro tasks won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but an ideal hustle for talented African flight attendants. If you want to earn money while sitting at the airport, performing micro tasks online is your solution. A smartphone and your thumb are all you need to play quick games, take surveys, and complete easy tasks for monetary rewards. ClickWorker, Amazon MTurk, Premise Data, Survey Junkie, and Micro Workers are a few websites to earn by doing micro tasks in your spare time.

Become a travel influencer

According to Thrive Global, travel influencers make a decent income selling information or selling a lifestyle. Experienced flight attendants in Africa can earn money as content or lifestyle influencers. The idea is to earn money by spending time researching, learning, and exploring to gain knowledge about a location or topic as a content influencer. You can generate income by choosing clothes, researching locations, and hosting appearances as a lifestyle influencer. Also, you can earn extra income from social media platforms with massive social media following like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Become a virtual assistant

According to Small Biz Trends, becoming a virtual assistant is profitable and ideal for generating income. African flight attendants with project management and communication skills who can respond to emails and calls can earn a decent income as virtual assistants. If you can build a contact list, book travel and accommodation appointments, schedule meetings, and keep records online, consider virtual assistance a side hustle. With virtual assistants in high demand, flight attendants in Africa can earn money with excellent attention to detail and sound decision making.

Affiliate Marketing

According to Shopify, affiliate marketing is popular and a great way to make money online as a side business. Affiliate marketing is a commission arrangement that digital retailers enter into with website owners for traffic to improve sales. Flight attendants in Africa with marketing skills will earn a decent income through affiliate marketing. The idea is to earn money by facilitating the purchase and transfer of goods and services from producers to end consumers. Also, you can generate additional revenue from brands with sponsored posts and direct ads.

Become an online English tutor

According to the Financial Post, becoming an online English tutor is cost-effective and convenient for generating income without barriers. These professionals prepare and deliver lessons to improve learners’ conversion, communication, and writing skills. Flight attendants in Africa who can develop educational content like quizzes and notes can earn a decent income through tutoring. The idea is to make money by managing interpersonal dynamics and tracking and reporting student progress. Consider leveraging internet and social media apps for clients and earn money with content creation.

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