8 Ways Africans Can Win From Cybersecurity in 2022


In this article, we have detailed some recommendations for African cybersecurity professionals to earn a decent income from the cybersecurity industry. They can do this without national barriers. These recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of reliable sources such as Motley Fool, Security Made Simple, Cyber ​​Degrees, etc.

Work as a consultant

According to Security Made Simple, working as a freelance cybersecurity consultant is ideal for making money in the industry. Africans skilled in cybersecurity strategies can earn a decent income working as a consultant in the industry. But, if you can come up with strategies to solve organizations’ security problems, consider a career as a cybersecurity consultant.

As a consultant, you can help organizations by sharing your expertise in specific areas as an independent contractor. Additionally, you can work as a consultant for automation engineers or perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for monetary rewards.

Security Audit

According to Cyber ​​Degrees, becoming a security auditor is lucrative and presents lucrative opportunities in the cybersecurity industry. Security auditors are information security professionals who specialize in policy development and penetration testing. Many companies require regular audits for compliance reasons, and qualified Africans can benefit from this.

Additionally, Africans skilled in IT and IT can benefit from the cybersecurity industry without barriers. The security audit is ideal for Africans specializing in general data protection regulation or health insurance portability and liability.

Write cybersecurity content

According to Cybersecurity Career, creating valuable security content will earn you a decent income in the cybersecurity industry. It’s a great strategy to earn extra money if you’re a blacksmith. Skilled Africans who can create marketing materials or white papers can earn a fortune in this industry.

Also, consider this strategy if you can create short and long blog entries about cybersecurity issues. Consider building a portfolio by posting articles on your blog or other websites to gain exposure and take advantage of monetization. If you have a cybersecurity or sales background, focus on companies that sell security products and work on a commission basis.

Investing in cybersecurity stocks

According to Motley Fool, investing in cybersecurity stocks is lucrative and ideal for industry profits. Despite the global decline in information technology stocks in 2020 due to the global pandemic, many cybersecurity stocks have soared. Due to the security challenges of commercial organizations, these stocks have skyrocketed as remote working and cloud computing have become essential.

Although cybersecurity stocks have performed admirably in recent years, there are various options for potential and seasoned African investors. You can earn a fortune by investing in cybersecurity stocks without national barriers.

Create tutorials

According to Tech Target, creating tutorials is a practical way to break into the cybersecurity industry. Skilled Africans with computer and cybersecurity knowledge can earn money by developing instructional courses. There are young talents on the African continent ready to learn and pay for tuition, and you can benefit from it.

If you can produce and sell valuable courses online, this strategy is for you. Consider creating courses covering various topics, including defensive and offensive security. Leverage the internet and social media to attract customers and gain visibility.

Build an app

According to Security Made Simple, creating cybersecurity apps is a way to earn a decent income in this industry. This strategy is ideal for Africans with experience in computer programming and application development. You can create cybersecurity applications for companies and private organizations to solve security problems.

Most companies pay professionals to scan their websites for bugs and security vulnerabilities, and you can make money from it. Consider creating apps that solve a problem for your target audience and publish them on Android and iOS. This market is ideal if you can identify modest security issues and develop a troubleshooting application.

Write cybersecurity books

According to Thesslstore, cybersecurity books are great to read for entertainment or academics as they contain threats and dangers. While many businesses and individuals fall prey to cybercriminals, you can make a fortune by teaching people how to protect themselves.

If you can share information from real-life situations in e-books, consider writing a cybersecurity book. Most people want relevant experiences, and you can share your knowledge and expertise by creating a book with valuable content. You can teach readers how to protect themselves against cyberattacks and stop falling prey to cybercriminals.

Become a public speaker

According to nstec, becoming a public speaker in the cybersecurity industry is rewarding for both new and seasoned professionals. Although most people aren’t very specific about engagement types, audiences, or locations, consider starting with a detailed approach. Consider speaking at cybersecurity events if you have a compelling story to tell or have excellent industry experience.

So, create a to-do list, contact coordinators, and embed hash tags in your posts. This strategy will give you visibility and bring you a decent income. Qualified Africans can prepare research papers and participate in cybersecurity events as guest speakers.


Africans can make a decent income from cybersecurity by working as a consultant, auditing security and writing valuable content. You can also earn money by investing in cybersecurity stocks, creating educational courses, and building an app. The cybersecurity industry is lucrative and earning a decent income without national barriers can improve your life. Now is the time to explore the market and earn a decent income to lead a healthy life.

*Views expressed in this article are those of a Business Insider Africa contributor. It does not represent the views of the Business Insider Africa organization.

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