According to the Advertising Association, next PM Liz Truss should approach the UK advertising industry to boost her business


On today’s appointment of MP Liz Truss as leader of the Conservative Party, meaning she will succeed Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister tomorrow, the Advertising Association issued a statement.

“We would like to congratulate Liz Truss on her appointment and look forward to working with her government to create the best environment for the industry to thrive,” said Sue Eustace, director of public affairs at the industry trade body. .

She went on to explain the key role of the UK advertising industry in the country’s economy: “In the difficult times that businesses will face in the months ahead, investing in advertising can help businesses grow and better positioning brands in the market.Advertising also brings benefits to consumers as it stimulates competition, innovation and consumer choice.These in turn help to lower prices, thus helping people facing a reduction in the cost of living.

“The UK is a world leader and exporter of advertising and marketing services. We have always attracted top talent from around the world, bringing business to the UK and creating more jobs for UK citizens. The industry should be celebrated and championed for its creativity and contribution to positioning Global Britain around the world.

The statement went on to review a list of policy areas the new Prime Minister can focus on to better support British advertising: ‘But we need government policies that can help advertising businesses get through the tough times ahead .

“We need regulatory certainty, support for the ASA Advertising Self-Regulatory System and the reduction of unnecessary regulatory interventions such as HFSS advertising restrictions.

“It is also going further.

“We encourage the government to consider, over the longer term, developing a strategic industrial strategy that will benefit the UK’s key advertising, creative and professional business services sectors.

“Changes to skills policy, in particular the apprenticeship tax, will make a huge difference. Changes to immigration policy would allow companies to continue to attract the best global talent.

“And a long-term look at broader issues such as consolidation, tax policies and exports that could, alongside regulatory stability, help create the conditions for future success. This should include a proper assessment of the proposal to privatize Channel 4, which has long been a jewel in the crown of UK creative output on the world stage.


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