ADVA Simplifies uCPE Deployment with Industry’s First Software-as-a-Service MANO


MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ADVA (FSE:ADV) today launched the industry’s first NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platform delivered through a software as a service (SaaS) model. ADVA’s MANO SaaS Bundle simplifies and accelerates uCPE deployments, ensuring faster return on investment for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprise customers. Hosted in the public cloud and managed by ADVA or its partners, the offer provides access to critical management tools while enabling significant cost savings. It enables CSPs and enterprises to exploit the opportunities of virtualization without major investment in resources or training.

“MANO is key to the success of NFV and uCPE. But for many operators, leveraging a solution that meets business and operational requirements without massive investment has been a real challenge. This all changes with the introduction of our MANO SaaS Bundle. Now CSPs, integrators and enterprises can access a MANO platform built from the ground up for the NFV domain in an easy and affordable way,” said Mike Heffner, General Manager of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Our MANO SaaS Bundle takes the agility and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based services to the next level. For many customers, this will open the door to all the benefits of network virtualization.

ADVA’s new MANO SaaS Bundle can be purchased through a flexible, simple and success-based subscription model. It provides cost-effective access to an open NFV MANO architecture that supports large-scale deployment of secure virtualized services across multiple sites. The unique way of accessing the solution allows customers to realize significant savings on operational expenses and offers communication service providers the opportunity to establish new businesses before initially investing in uCPE infrastructure. Additionally, Ensemble SaaS MANO offers the ability to migrate from SaaS to a self-managed model if customers choose to make the switch in the future.

“By making our Ensemble MANO solution available as a SaaS offering, we are enabling many more customers to enjoy the benefits of uCPE. It opens up a range of new business applications and gives CSPs instant access to new revenue streams. And for our technology partners, it provides a way to deliver turnkey solutions and deliver higher value services to end customers,” commented Prayson Pate, CTO of Edge Cloud, ADVA. “The MANO SaaS Bundle creates a risk-free path to uCPE success. It will be essential in helping companies around the world realize their vision of virtualization. »

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