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You are invited to attend Swinburne University of Technology for an exciting event that showcases the innovative aerospace research and development being undertaken in Victoria to ensure Australia maintains an internationally competitive position in aerospace manufacturing. The event will feature exhibits from the AIR hub and its many industry partners including Memko, Nova Systems, Textron Systems Australia, Swoop Aero and others.

by Swinburne Aerostructures Innovation Research Center (AIR) was quickly recognized as a catalyst for the development of next-generation aerospace technologies. The Victorian Government’s AAM Industry Vision Statement states:

“Led by Swinburne, AIR Hub brings together the best of Victoria’s aerospace research, design and manufacturing to work with industry on real-world design and manufacturing challenges for the next generation of air mobility. Already, the AIR Hub is nurturing new, highly skilled talent and upskilling the existing workforce to increase employment opportunities in the rapidly changing aerospace and space sectors.

The industry evening will include presentations on the importance of aerospace R&D for advanced manufacturing, emerging future opportunities and specific research undertaken by the Swinburne AIR hub and its industry partners covering:

  • Digitization and model-based engineering
  • Technological advancement in civil aerostructures
  • Entering the Emerging Advanced Air Mobility Market

Exhibits from leading aerospace organizations will be featured and the opportunity to discuss with them their research goals and future potential. There will also be a research wall showing individual research projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Australia’s aerospace future.


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