Amazon’s second chief executive quits: Dave Clark ran warehouse and logistics companies and became one of the world’s most powerful executives

  • Amazon Worldwide Consumer CEO Dave Clark is leaving the company.
  • The longtime executive has worked for Amazon since 1999.

Longtime Amazon executive Dave Clark is leaving the online retail giant. The CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer announced he was stepping down in a tweet on Friday.

Clark has long been considered one of the most powerful executives in the United States. He first joined Amazon in 1999 and rose to the company’s famed 23-member “S-team” of senior executives. Most recently, he led Amazon’s COVID-19 strategy. Developing a reputation as a tough and diligent manager, Clark earned the nickname “The Sharpshooter” for firing struggling warehouse workers.

In his email to staffers, Clark wrote that he “joined Amazon after grad school” when the company was “small” but “growing rapidly.” “Even though I loved the ride, it’s time for me to say goodbye to start a new journey. For a while I discussed my intention to leave Amazon with my family and other people close to me, but I wanted to make sure the teams were ready to succeed. I’m confident the time has come.”

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According to a recent filing by Amazon with the Securities Exchange Commission, Clark’s resignation will take effect July 1.

Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy sent a note to Amazon employees “thanking Dave for his many accomplishments over the years at Amazon and in particular for what he has delivered to customers.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Clark’s recent “relocation from Seattle to the Dallas area” was seen as a sign that the executive might be leaving Amazon. Additionally, Amazon posted its first loss in seven years in April, largely due to inflation and supply chain issues.

Clark’s announcement marks the week’s second high-profile tech suite shakeup, after Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg posted a message on Facebook that she would step down as COO.


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