Bryan Walter, vice president and general manager of Gordian’s Federal Business Shares Industry Advice


Vice President and General Manager of gordianfederal Affairs, Bryan Walterhas recently been the subject of a Executive Spotlight interview with the Potomac Officers Club. Walter – whose career spans nearly two decades at consulting firms like Accenture, Deloitte and Booz Allen – explained how he adapted to new and emerging technologies in the federal landscape.

In this excerpt from his interview, Walter shared his personal advice for someone looking to build their resume and accelerate their career in the government contract market:

“As I progressed in my career, I always struggled to decide if I should be broad or deep. I knew I wanted to run a business, so I would need to have deep knowledge in some areas of leadership, but I regularly wondered, ‘Do I need to be more technical?’ or ‘Should I pursue this issue further with the team, even though I know they are in control?’

For me, having scale has allowed me to understand the business and to be able to step in and help solve many different challenges for both customers and the business. And I liked that kind of problem solving, so I stuck with it, and I think it served me well. All in all, creating a resume is going to be a mix of breadth and depth, and what should really help you position yourself best is keeping track of the things that interest you the most.

It’s also important to realize that you can’t achieve everything you want in every role and that’s okay – you’ll probably learn more from these roles. This is where having a strong network of mentors who can uplift you is really important. Mentors can draw on their own experiences to help you see all the angles on how to have the most impact by doing the things you care about. »

To read in full Executive Spotlight Interview with Bryan Walter of Gordianto visit PotomacOfficersClub.comwhere you can learn more about membership possibilities and advantages.


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