Can insurers consider donations as business income in the event of a claim?

A GoFundMe has raised $30,000 for an insured gym after a fire. (Photo: smile23/Adobe Stock)

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Editor’s note: In our question this week, an insurer says donations should make up for a gym’s lost business revenue.

Question: Our client is a gym that experienced a fire on January 1st. Friends and clients started a GoFundMe that raised $30,000 in January. The insured was able to move down the street to a temporary space. Moving and interim costs are considered additional expenses but must still be paid by the insurer.

Insurance company accountant wants to use GoFundMe donations to make up for lost revenue. We said that donations were not business income and that donations were used to pay for uninsured losses. (The business was insured for $90,000 and the loss was $130,000.)

Is the accountant’s logic correct? For example: if we give a pot to a neighbor who had a cooking fire, should this be deducted from the food loss of his insurance claim?

— Subscriber from Pennsylvania

To analyse: GoFundMe accounts can generate many donations for a business after a disaster, especially a customer-favorite business. But should these donations be considered business income when filing a claim?

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