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The Grayson County Tax Court voted on Tuesday to provide American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help projects in the towns of Leitchfield and Caneyville.

At Tuesday’s regular tax court meeting, Grayson County Water District representative Jeremy Woosley said that as of August 1, the Water District now fully manages the city’s water system. Caneyville and that additional funds are needed to ensure the currently under construction Caneyville Water Main Rehabilitation Project is fully funded.

According to Woosley, the waterline rehabilitation project exceeded its original cost estimates due to inflation and, with only two to three months remaining until completion, he asked the county for additional financial assistance for the project. help cover its remaining costs. .

Additionally, the water district found that a water reservoir will also need to be rehabilitated at an estimated cost of at least $80,000.

With these expenses in mind, the water district requested $150,000 in ARPA funds from the county to cover both.

Woosley said Caneyville currently has about 800 active water utilities, and about 240 to 250 are being replaced by the watermain rehabilitation project.

“This system needs to be up to snuff,” said Grayson County Executive Judge Kevin Henderson, who added that while the water district could absorb those costs, it would likely force the district to raise its water rates. water to cover expenses. .

Henderson also noted, in response to community criticism of the county’s use of its ARPA funds, that these funds cannot be used for road paving; rather, they are intended for economic development, infrastructure and/or sewer, water and construction projects.

After discussion, the tax court voted to provide $150,000 in ARPA funds to the Grayson County Water District for these two projects.

Upon completion of the watermain rehabilitation project, the Water District will become the owner of the water system for the town of Caneyville.

The tax tribunal, on Henderson’s recommendation, then voted to provide $325,000 in ARPA funds to the city of Leitchfield for potential economic development.

Tuesday’s vote follows Leitchfield City Council’s vote on Monday to enter into a land sale contract with a business owner to sell city property on the William Thomason Byway contingent after receiving financial backing from the Revenue Court of Grayson County.

Leitchfield Mayor Rick Embry said of the ongoing sale on Monday that the city had been attracting factories to Leitchfield since 1962-63, and had also been looking for retail establishments to come to Leitchfield, but “we have desperately needed a hotel for many years”. years. This is a gigantic step forward. »

Henderson noted that the county also intends to provide ARPA funds to the city of Clarkson for its sewer expansion after meeting with city officials to determine the amount needed.

“We’re all in this together,” Henderson said.

In other cases, the tax court:

  • Voted to set Grayson County tax rates in 2022 at 6.7 cents per $100 property assessment on real property and 7.9 cents per $100 property assessment on tangible personal property and the inventory. Henderson said those rates are the same as last year.
  • Voted in favor of the 2022-2023 Flex road fund agreement and resolution.
  • Voted to accept the 2022 Grayson County Hospital District tax rates, which are 4.3 cents per $100 property assessment and 5 cents per $100 property assessment and the boats.
  • Voted to accept the Grayson County Cooperative Extension Service’s 2022 tax rates, which are 5.8 cents per $100 of property assessment on real property; 11.21 cents per $100 of personal property assessment; and 1.42 cents per $100 of valuation on motor vehicles.

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