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COVENTRY – Coventry CT Cares, Inc. announced this week that it will no longer hold CoventryFest, the annual celebration that usually coincides with the July 4 holiday.

The non-profit organization began hosting the event in 2019. They also announced that their board has approved the reimbursement of all CoventryFest 2022 donations received from donors, commercial sponsors and vendors.

The nonprofit organization noted in its post that various groups have sponsored the event over the past 30 years, and since they started, they have struggled to break even.

“Commercial sponsorships, donations and support for the event itself have declined over the years. Volunteering is also on the decline,” the organization wrote in its Facebook post, adding that it no longer has the support it once had for this event.

Coventry CT Cares, Inc. said another group may sponsor the event in the future and a lakeside homeowners group may hold a fireworks display next year.

City Manager John Elsesser said there were no plans for the city to hold the event in the future as ratepayers would have to bear the cost of the festivities and related fireworks.

“We appreciate the efforts of past civic groups for this annual event, but it takes a lot of volunteers and donations to get things moving,” Elsesser said of the future of the annual event.

Coventry CT Cares, Inc. thanked all sponsors, vendors and supporters for their assistance with this event over the past few years. They said they plan to continue to hold smaller fundraising events such as food truck festivals, tree and wreath sales, to fund their mission to help the needy in the community.


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