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Barstool Sports is undergoing an internal reorganization. As a result, some shows are cancelled.

Talk on his podcast Token CEOBarstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini said the company has been looking under the hood for the past few months and trying to clean things up.

Nardini also said the company’s expenses needed to be kept under control. She feels like too much has been invested in content that hasn’t delivered and that creative freedom has become more of a curse than a blessing.

“We almost created a model where we started with all the resources, we didn’t start with the idea or the people and as a result we have a lot of things that weren’t necessarily going to the right place,” said she declared. .

In the podcast space, Barstool has 94 different offerings. Nardini said it’s become too much, and they’re going to have to scale things down.

“No company our size should have 94 shows,” she said. “What was my mistake and our mistake? We treated all 94 shows the same way.

Nardini realizes that means tough decisions will have to be made. Good, talented people will either have to move on or their jobs will be redirected.

“I’m disappointed this is impacting people’s jobs,” she said. “I think it’s a really, really serious thing when a role is impacted and things change. You have to take that with a bit of a heavy heart.

Erika did not specify which shows, in particular, would receive the axe, but it is believed that the show Podfathers will be among them.

The show’s co-hosts Michael McCarthy aka “Large” and Justin Clemenza aka “Clem” took to Twitter and the Barstool blog to announce that the parenting podcast is no more.

Jordan Demcher aka “Jordie” tweeted some thoughts on the situation, but later clarified that his podcast would continue.

Keep an eye on social media over the next few days for more details on this situation from the likes of Barstool.


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