Doing Business In Nigeria 2022 Conference Concludes Successfully


On other keys for businesses to excel, Onwanibe said consistency is very important. More so, you have to be principled, resilient, good and honest. He added: “Whatever situation you find yourself in, you are in it, you have to find a way out of it. Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.”

As a business owner, Adesola Sotande-Peters, CFO of Godrej Africa, US and Middle East, said one should be aware of rising costs. Additionally, she noted that passion and drive are the basis of starting a business.

A guest speaker at the conference, Olatomiwa Williams, Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria and Ghana, spoke on “Embracing Technology for Business Sustainability”. She said lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic have taught people the need to transform using technology. Therefore, companies must learn to transform because they cannot afford not to. He said: “The world of the future is very different for businesses. The lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult. The only thing more difficult than transformation is not to transform.

Jane Egerton-Idehen, Head of Sales, Middle East and Africa, Meta (Facebook) highlighted the need for businesses to scale. She said earlier certain types of work will evolve. However, Nigeria must be ready when the time comes. She said: “In the good old days, people who only made clothes for people on their street now have the opportunity to make clothes for more people. Social media has allowed them to reach more customers and the logistical tool at their disposal has also enabled them to distribute to more people.” She added that any business that does not want to scale will be left behind.

Ugo Obi-Chukwu, Founder and Partner of Nairametrics Financial Advocates, said cost is a major factor in determining business survival and as a business owner one should be aware of the increasing costs. Also, there are a lot of opportunities but it’s for those who already have a structure. She noted that it is important to partner with a reliable solution provider and ensure that they test and validate the security promises they provide.

Dr. Ayo Adegboye, CEO of Arravo, informed attendees that they should leverage the data they have, using technology to obtain customer experiences. Then they need to expand their offering and find out what more they can do. Additionally, they must learn how to move from the tangible to the intangible, how to analyze the cost of doing business, and how goods can get to customers.

Olu Akanmu, the Chairman of Opay, backed this up by sharing that “the opportunities of digital are great for new businesses that don’t have the legacy to keep the traditional technology of old businesses. It’s a benefit for small businesses”.

It was an impactful moment with the speakers, as attendees saw their knowledge base increase. Therefore, the objective of the conference was achieved by Linda Uneze, who partnered with Maurice Xandra Solutions, and ensured that the companies adopted the right strategies for growth and development.

The conference was made possible with the support of our sponsors, General Electric Company, VFD Group, Environmental Accord Limited, Unotelos Limited, Interswitch, GB Foods Africa, Nairametrics, Business Day Nigeria, Adzinga Media, Business Insider and Pulse.

For full details of the event, please email [email protected] or call 09049313488. You can watch the full version of the event here (link).


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