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With nearly 80 trampolines of varying sizes, shapes and uses, the Elite Air Owensboro Jumping Arena offers a unique combination of fun and exercise for people of all ages.

Located at 606 Salem Drive, the trampoline park is in its fourth year of operation and often sees an increase in activity during the summer months. With a focus on family entertainment, Elite Air has become a top option for kids, parents and grandparents looking to shield themselves from the heat.

“All my granddaughters, I let them romp for two hours,” said Debbie Lindsey, 51, who took her three grandchildren to Elite Air for Monday’s weekly Family Day special. “You can’t beat it for $35. It’s cool, it’s not hot, you don’t have to sweat, and they can run around and have fun.

In addition to the main jump area, Elite Air also has dodgeball trampoline courts, jump pits with giant airbags for soft landings, inflatables for children 6 and under, a wall of climbing, two Ninja Warrior junior courses and a lounge area with a snack bar, pool table and massage chairs.

“It’s cool,” said Michael Vincent, 13, taking a break to try out one of the Ninja Warrior courses with his friends. “I like trampolines and dodgeball the most, but it’s also fun.”

Open every day of the week – and also offering different offers every day of the week – the employees of Elite Air always have something to do.

Alexia Lowe, who has been working there for about five months, enjoys refereeing dodgeball the most.

“It’s getting pretty crazy,” said Lowe, 16, who attends the Owensboro Innovation Academy. “They’ll start getting rowdy and then they start getting more involved in the game and it gets louder, so it’s a lot of fun.

“I also receive adults, but especially college students and younger children. I try to divide the little kids with the college kids.

In addition to providing pleasure, jumping on trampolines has health benefits.

According to a study published by the Journal of Sport and Health Science, competitive trampolines have been shown to have higher bone density, better muscle strength, and improved cardio than non-jumping ones.

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Chase Rhinerson, a recent graduate of Apollo High School, said Elite Air’s customers are typically families looking for an activity everyone can do together.

“It gives them something they can do without a bad vibe or something like that,” he said. “Kids are allowed here, we play kid-friendly music, so it’s something easy for them to come and do.”

They also have enough room for people of all ages, he added, using Ninja Warrior classes as an example.

“There’s a side for little kids and there’s a side for middle schoolers, teenagers, so it’s not just one class,” Rhinerson said. “There is a place for everyone.”

Elite Air is also in the process of opening a second location, which will offer an adult course.

There’s also space for special events, which Lindsey said her family has used in the past.

“Oh, we come here often,” she said. “We have birthday parties for grandkids and everything. They adore him.”

And, Lowe added, it’s a laid-back atmosphere.

“It’s a really great environment,” she says. “When I first started working here, everyone was so nice and welcoming me. They always have a smile on their face no matter what.”


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