Ex-Twitter CEO Reveals Hardware Crypto Wallet for Bitcoin Users

Former CEO of Twitter Jack DorseyThe Block company is working on a hardware crypto wallet, a device to help people “securely own and manage their Bitcoin”.

Block’s hardware manager, Jesse Doroguskertweeted an image showing multiple devices, all apparently including fingerprint readers and USB-C charging ports — the two things Block said his hardware wallet would include in a blog post last month, reports The Edge.

Dorsey announced his firm’s work on the crypto wallet in June 2021.

The company said the hardware wallet will be just one component of its crypto storage system and will have a corresponding mobile app for your phone.

Block also provided a breakdown of the potential recovery processes available if you lose your wallet or phone. He also said details would follow later on what you could do if you lost both.

As for the actual material, it looks a little rocky, or “rocky,” as Dorsey put it when he quoted the image on Twitter, according to the report.

In a statement emailed to The Verge, Lindsey Grossmanhead of product, marketing and partnerships for Block’s wallet, said the images are “prototypes we’re experimenting with for the hardware component of the wallet, which will also include a mobile app and freeware recovery toolset. -service”.

She also mentioned that the company would share “future explorations,” which doesn’t help us determine how close these prototypes are to becoming an actual product.

In December, DorseyFinancial services firm Square announced it was changing its name to Block as the former Twitter CEO renewed his focus on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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