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ROCK HILL, SC / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2021 / Although the IRS has not extended any of the March 15, 2021 deadlines, many businesses may need more time to file their 2020 tax returns. This can be done easily by filing of an extension form 7004. The IRS recommends that businesses file their extension requests electronically, as this is the most efficient method of filing. Businesses looking for a last minute extension can file an electronic form with ExpressExtension to get fast, accurate, and instant IRS updates.

When filing with www.ExpressExtension.com, an IRS-approved electronic file provider, extension forms are processed instantly. One of the biggest misconceptions of tax extensions is that tax payments are included. Payment of taxes must be made by the original deadline. ExpressExtension allows users to easily pay their balance owed to the IRS when filing their extension.

This year, ExpressExtension is making the extension filing process even easier and stress-free, with an express guarantee. This means that all customers who deposit a duplicate Form 7004, which is rejected by the IRS, citing an error code [F7004-011-03], will receive a full refund. Customers whose forms have been rejected citing other error codes can correct and resend their forms to the IRS at no additional cost.

Additionally, tax professionals can take advantage of specialized features, including volume-based pricing, secure bulk download capabilities, and a comprehensive dashboard designed to keep updates on all clients.

Asked about the March 15 deadline, Agie Sundaram, Managing Director of SPAN Enterprises, the parent company of ExpressExtension, said, “Businesses have faced a number of challenges in 2020, for those who need to file an extension to the deadline. deadline for filing their tax returns, ExpressExtension offers a superior solution. Our clients can file their Form 7004 easily and accurately, with the help of our user-friendly process and an excellent customer support team ”.

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