Global Web 3 Platforms Launch Open Metaverse Alliance

  • global internet 3 platforms launched the Metaverse Open Alliance for Web 3 (OMA3) to address interoperability issues plaguing the industry.
  • Sandbox, Animoca brands, Alien worldsDapper Labs, Upland and Meta Metaverse are among the first to register.
  • OMA3 is a decentralized autonomous organization that invites all blockchain-based metaverse businesses to join.

Blockchain-based Metaverse and Web 3 platforms have come together to launch the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web 3 (OMA3) to address industry interoperability issues. The OMA3 alliance aims to facilitate access on all Web 3 platforms.

“We are extremely excited to announce the Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3. Multiple virtual worlds have come together to solve key metaverse challenges and preserve freedom of information held by users,” OMA3 tweeted on Friday.

On its website, OMA3 said members believe in a metaverse without retaining walls, where individual platforms are interconnected and fully interoperable. “To achieve this goal of an open metaverse, we announce the creation of OMA3 and invite all blockchain-based metaverse companies to join us,” OMA3 said.

Companies that have already joined the alliance include Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Upland, Meta Metaverse, Star Atlas and Wivity.

“The Sandbox is a member of
Oma3dao work with web 3 and web 2.0 companies to establish a framework and guidelines for a truly open metaverse, beyond file formats, exploring deeper topics such as digital identity or other cases of use for true interoperability,” tweeted Sandbox co-founder Sébastien Borget. .

OMA3 is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which claims to provide “true ownership and real-time interoperability”. DAOs are Web 3 projects that are solely controlled by community members without being influenced by any central authority or government.

“We will build an infrastructure to ensure the metaverse operates as a unified system where digital assets (such as NFTs), identities, and data are permissionless and interoperable for all and controlled by users, not platforms. -forms,” OMA3 said.

Users can own Web 3 world assets and freely transfer them to any virtual world in OMA3, without needing permission from the platform.

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