Google Maps will start listing verified clinics that perform abortions


Google is rolling out an initiative to help women locate abortion clinics through its Google Maps service.

According to Bloomberg, Google Maps will check if a facility offers abortions and list them accordingly. Those who cannot be verified as abortion providers will be flagged with the label “may not offer abortions,” the outlet reported, citing a Google spokesperson.

“When people turn to Google to find local information, our goal is to help them easily explore the range of locations available so they can determine which ones are most useful to them,” the Google representative told Bloomberg.

“For a number of categories where we’ve received confirmation that locations offer specific services, we’ve been working for several months on more useful ways to display those results,” the rep added, according to the outlet.

TechCrunch, which first reported on the new initiative, said Google will call businesses and sites for confirmation if the site offers abortions.

Google’s new system will help guide users of its maps app to real abortion clinics instead of places like crisis pregnancy centers, which try to keep women away from the procedure.

Insider reported in June that these facilities, also known as “pregnancy resource centers,” provide ultrasounds but don’t perform abortions and instead push abortion seekers toward alternatives like adoption and parental support. They also use vague language as well as images of fetuses and babies to discourage pregnant women from having abortions.

Bloomberg previously reported that Google Maps did not distinguish between these centers and legitimate abortion clinics, leading many women to visit the wrong facility.

The rollout of the new Google Maps feature comes the same week that Yelp announced it would also flag listings for pregnancy centers in crisis. In Yelp’s case, these locations would be listed as providing “limited medical services” so users can tell them apart from abortion clinics.

Google representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.


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