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Buzzin Barbecue plans to start serving slow-cooked meats in downtown Whiting.

Antonio “Buzz Lightyear” Cisneros opens the new barbecue at 1423 119th St. The space was previously occupied by Hen House Charcoal Chicken and before that by Comfort Roast Coffee House.

“I do craft-style barbecues, like we do these days,” he said. “It’s wood-smoked over two different woods. Pulled pork, ribs, and some meats are smoked over cherry, while turkey and brisket are smoked over Texas woods.”

He brings seasonings and pepper straight from Texas.

“We do Texas brisket, Central Texas style,” he said. “Sauce is on the side. It’s on the side for everything except Chicago-style short ribs. They don’t need gravy but we keep it traditional.”

Buzzin Barbecue will sell meats by the pound, such as pork belly, ribs, short ribs, turkey, brisket and sausages. People will be able to get sandwiches and platters with sides like mac and cheese, jalapeno slaw, Tex-Mex street corn, chili cheese with jalapenos, and Texas Twinkies — the jalapenos wrapped in bacon are stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese and chopped brisket.

“Texas Twinkies and pork belly are usually the hottest dishes,” he said. “Those go fast.”

Cisneros has been smoking meat for over 20 years and grilling skirt steaks and burgers since he was young. After buying a commercial smokehouse, he started hosting private events and pop-ups.

He cooks everything with wood.

“There’s no gas, no propane,” he said. “Everything is wood-based.”

When it’s gone for the day, it’s gone.

“Everything is fresh,” he said. “It’s quality over quantity. Everything is fresh daily.”

Initially, Buzzin Barbecue will offer a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and a North Carolina mustard-based sauce. They will be available at the table and also sold by the bottle.

“We’re working on more sauces, some very hot sauces,” he said. “They are in the works.”

The restaurant will serve agua fresca from Poco Picoso, including flavors of horchata, watermelon, mango and strawberry. There will also be Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Sierra Mist and other pops. Eventually, he hopes to add a selection of craft beers.

The restaurant hopes to open on March 26 if it passes its final inspection in time. The 2,900 square foot restaurant will seat approximately 40 people across seven tables and three booths. It will offer take-out and take-out.

He’s studying the delivery, but that’s on hold at the moment.

“It’s a great community right on the lake,” he said. “It’s a very welcoming community. We’re going to bring quality fresh barbecue.”

Buzzin Barbecue will be open from 11 a.m. until food runs out, likely around 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. Over time, he plans to increase the hours and days.

For more information, call 219-655-5342 or find the company on Facebook and TikTok.


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