How to Change Your Nickname and Username on Discord


In real life, nicknames stick with us even if we don’t necessarily like them.

But on Discord, nicknames are a choice built into the many options users have to personalize their experience on the platform. And you can change them at any time, as long as your role on the server has permission to do so.

Quick advice: You can also change your username if you want to use the same name on multiple servers.

How to Change Your Nickname on a Discord Server

1. Log in to your Discord account on your Mac or PC and choose the desired server from the left sidebar.

2. In the rightmost panel with the list of server members, right click on your username and select Modify the server profile.

3. Enter your new nickname in the text field and click Save changes.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind a more public process, you can use the slash “/nick” command followed by the desired nickname, in a chat for that server, to quickly change it.

Quick advice: If your server role has permission to manage the nickname, you can edit another server member’s nickname the same way you edit your own.

How to change your username on Discord

You can also change your username for all servers instead of just changing your nickname for a particular server.

1. Open Discord and log in to your account.

2. Select the gear icon, located in the lower left section of the screen, just to the right of your current username.

3. Click on Edit next to your username information.

4. Enter your new username and current password in the corresponding fields, then click Ended.


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