Hundreds of bars and nightclubs could close in ‘Cataclysmic Christmas’


Bars, pubs and nightclubs are facing a ‘cataclysmic Christmas’, with one in three due to close within a month.

New Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) survey of more than 500 locations finds that one-fifth of nightlife companies fear losing their entire workforce, while one-third will cease operations altogether. activities without urgent government support, following new Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties over the Omicron variant.

Sites lost an average of £ 46,000 due to cancellations over the holiday season. Companies required to introduce Covid certification for entry to their premises are reporting a drop in attendance of more than 40%.

The NTIA has joined with other business groups in demanding that the UK government take action to support affected businesses.

Michael Kill, chief executive of NTIA, said: “It is truly a frightening prospect to see so many sites in our industry bleeding, with a lockdown of everything but name and absolutely no recognition from the government.

“These sites have faced over 20 months of financial hardship and the Christmas business season has been critical in keeping these surviving businesses afloat for the coming year.

“It is a begging belief that we stand here again, as if in March 2020, imploring the government to listen to us, to understand how businesses operate and to realize that inaction is a death sentence for our industry. It truly is a cataclysmic Christmas.

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