India’s Dibrugarh oilfields begin operations after 15 years

After nearly 15 years, the state corporation India Oil Limited‘s (OIL) Khagorijan oil Dibrugarh field in eastern Assam was commissioned on Saturday.

Himanta Biswa, Chief Minister of Assam Sarma attended the takeover ceremony of OIL’s Khagorijan oilfield in Rohmoria, whose operations have been suspended since November 2007 due to administrative and environmental issues.

According to the Chief Minister, four wells were drilled after the discovery of oil in the region in November 1998 and production started in December 2004, including Khagorijan located 1.8 km from the Brahmaputra.

Due to the severe erosion of the Brahmaputra River, various local organizations in the Khagorijan region have hampered OIL’s operations there. After a prolonged blockage by local organizations, OIL suspended all operations in November 2007.

The chief minister said the erosion caused by the Brahmaputra River in Rohmoria has badly affected the local people and caused widespread havoc.

Aiming for a lasting and permanent solution to the problem, several efforts have been made over the past few years, but due to various reasons, this could not materialize, Sarma said.

He said the state government has taken several measures to deal with the problem of flooding and erosion in Rohmoria and the Water Resources Department nearly completed two flood and erosion protection projects in Rohmoria.

Stating that so far 80% of the embankment works for the protection of Rohmoria have been completed, the Chief Minister announced that the state government will sanction an additional fund of Rs 16.13 crore for the construction of the section remainder of the backfill.

The Prime Minister asked the Water resources department to ensure quality work using state-of-the-art technology.

He also called on local residents to cooperate with OIL in its operations as the company serves the interests of the people of Assam and its smooth operation and oil extraction has led to the development of the state.

Sarma has laid the foundation stone for two projects worth Rs 17 crore for the protection of Rohmoria against flooding and erosion.

Projects include restoration of flood damage caused by the Brahmaputra River from Liting gaon to Rohmoria gaon and Rohmoria from High school in Borotichuk.


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