Instagram will soon get full-screen feeds, hints Mark Zuckerberg

  • instagram confirmed test of full-screen streams via its Twitter manipulate.
  • Mark Zuckerberg shared a preview of this feature via an Instagram post.
  • Apparently, the full-screen stream appears to change shortcuts for accessing the inbox, sharing photos, and more.

Instagram is testing a new full-screen mode for its feed in an effort to make content more immersive and discoverable. According to Meta spokesperson Seine Kim, currently this feature is available to a limited number of people.

If you’re one of those limited people, you might be able to see videos in full-screen mode while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Instagram confirmed the same, via a tweet from CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He also shared a preview of the full-screen stream tests on his Instagram story, saying that photos are an important part of Instagram.

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Also, Instagram’s new look will look like TikTok feeds. This feature is currently being tested and will soon be available to users, the company said.

Earlier this month, Instagram was seen experimenting with full-screen photos and videos, despite still having white bars at the bottom and top of the screen. The main navigation bar also remained unchanged.

The new look seems to bring some changes to the shortcuts for accessing the messages inbox and creating new messages on the platform. So far, we can say that Instagram’s new look will be very similar to TikTok’s Clear mode.

This will be the first time that Meta has developed such a feature to compete with Chinese app TikTok. Also, it will be interesting to see how Indian users will react to this full screen mode as it is similar to TikTok. Remember Chinese app TikTok was banned in India in 2020 along with 118 other apps.

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