LG unveils wireless headphones with unique head-tracking spatial sound

LG Electronics announced two new series of ‘YOUR free‘ wireless headphones, and the flagship device comes with the first ‘Dolby head tracking‘ on all content and devices.

TONE Free T90’s “Dolby Head Tracking” function recalibrates sound as users move their head for a more natural sound experience, so they feel center stage and experience a whole new level of audio immersion .

The 2022 TONE Free true wireless earbuds will roll out in major markets around the world starting later this month, the company said.

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The flagship TONE Free T90 model, featuring the bacteria-killing “UVnano” charging case, houses a new internal structure with larger drivers that help generate deeper, more satisfying bass.

LG’s T90 earbuds incorporate the performance-enhancing capabilities of Meridian Headset Spatial Processing (HSP), a specialized technology from the company’s long-time partner to deliver premium sound, meridian audio.

“With HSP inside, the headphones present a full, more natural soundstage with a clear center image – giving the impression of listening to music being played through a true stereo sound system,” the company said in a statement. communicated.

The T90s are also the first wireless headphones to feature an audio virtualizer designed by Dolby specifically for the headphones – an advanced solution that extends spatial dimensionality for stereo entertainment.

In addition, the T90s come with Snapdragon sound technologymeaning users can enjoy a level of sound quality previously only available on wired headphones.

Premium wireless earbuds offer an upgrade Active noise cancellation (ANC) with Double Step ANC algorithm and real-time ANC optimizer.

The comfortable earphone design offers ergonomic precision and an optimized shape that feels better in the ear.

The new TONE Free models offer up to 9 hours of use on a single charge while the case itself can provide another 20, for up to 29 hours of listening pleasure.

With a new quick charge function, the headphones can be fully charged after about 1 hour in the “UVnano” charging case.

The company also introduced the new TONE Free Fit range (models TF7 and TF8) designed for active lifestyles.

The TONE Free fit models have a battery life of 10 hours (up to 30 hours in total with the charging case).


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