Meet Armin Ordodary – A Cyprus-based business consultant trumping industry giants with his exceptional client advisory services


Armin Ordodary is known for his resourceful business and business advisory services to his clients, helping them plan effective growth strategies for themselves and their businesses.

Limassol, Cyprus – Ordinary Armina well established business and business advisor from Limassol, Cyprus, is creating a buzz with his brilliant and unique consulting skills. He specializes in smart business strategies and business planning and is adept at providing total solutions for different sectors in a challenging international business environment. In a short time, he established himself as a highly rated business advisor due to his personalized, client-centric approach and affordable services. This new-age business consultant is committed to making a substantial and positive difference for his clients by delivering a combination of world-class business solutions, strategic advice and the highest level of service.

“I offer free consultations to better understand my clients’ business and corporate goals. I customize my service offerings to my clients’ specific needs,” says Armin Ordodary, Founder of Ordinary group of Armin. “My background and years of experience as a global business consultant gives me the advantage of knowing what works best and customizing it specifically for each client.”

Traditionally, large consulting firms generally have an advantage over smaller ones when it comes to cornering global consulting projects. However, in recent years, the Boutique consulting firms have reworked their value proposition due to which there is a growing preference for these companies among businesses of all sizes.

Founded in 2014, Armin Ordodary Group has established itself as a leading consulting firm with a sharp focus on delivering quality, personalized business solutions to its clients. Today, the firm is a global strategy consultancy with clients and presence in the Middle East, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Armin Ordodary, who serves as the company’s global general counsel, said: “Our business is to advise our clients – many of whom are facing unprecedented change and disruption in their industries and need new perspective – on their most pressing business challenges.

Armin realizes that when it comes to providing business consulting services to his clients, a “One Size Fits All” strategy simply doesn’t work. He adapts his approach to the needs of each of his clients.

“At Armin Ordodary Group, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve practical results with real impact,” notes Armin. “Our ongoing goal is to help our customers succeed. We examine these challenges in new ways to produce groundbreaking insights and deliver new solutions. We provide impactful information for our clients using our unbiased, factual and rigorous approach to uncovering business truths. »

Armin is committed to the success of his clients and he continually updates his approach and methodology to keep abreast of the latest global trade policies and compliance issues. He uses his industry knowledge and experience to generate the best possible solutions for his clients.

“One of the many reasons clients have been loyal to me is that I don’t treat them like just another number on my client list. I get to know them personally because their requirements are as personal as possible. They can always count on me,” says Armin. “With my unique solution-focused approach, I can help my clients build a solid business proposition. I started this with the goal of helping business owners dramatically improve their business operations, and I have consistently seen an increase in demand for my various services since I started my consulting business.

Armin has designed comprehensive workflows and effective data-driven strategies to ensure positive ROI for its clients. He has helped several clients turn around their underperforming businesses. As a result, these customers were able to increase their revenue and reduce their customer acquisition costs without increasing their budgets.

Armin’s practice areas include international trade, digital payments, technology, banking solutions, and more. It aims to provide sustainable and mission-aligned business solutions to its global clients.

For more information, other inquiries or to get in touch with Armin Ordodary, send an email or contact us via the website.

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