Michelle Morris took the road less traveled


Michelle grew up in Boston. Her mother, a social worker, and her father, a lawyer, were great role models. “They always gave back to communities of color and were community leaders who gave voice to those whose voices were unrepresented,” Michelle recalls.

She continues this community involvement by serving on the board of directors of Brightpoint Care, a non-profit organization that provides health care and other services to underserved communities in the New York metropolitan area, and 100 women in finance, whose mission is to promote diversity and the empowerment of women in the financial sector. Another organization that she has been volunteering for for a long time, as her mother did, is Embedded linkswhich was established in 1946 and provides community services through educational and cultural programs in underserved communities in the United States, Bahamas and United Kingdom.

Michelle also advises the 1921 Institute, a fledgling nonprofit that provides capital to African American entrepreneurs. Their approach is similar to that of Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab, an accelerator providing capital and guidance to multicultural and female-led startups.

His first job after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in economics was in the treasury department of an insurance company in Boston. She got her MBA from Harvard Business School and then landed on Wall Street as a municipal finance banker. Michelle was a banker for 10 years before moving into investment management, leading business development and managing institutional investor relations. She moved into wealth management about 10 years ago, working in a variety of roles including private markets investment due diligence and alternative investment product development.

Michelle now lives in Westchester County, NY, with her husband, Greg Weston, an attorney. Their two adult children, Cole and Lauren, are pursuing careers in the investment industry. “I’m proud to say that they both started their careers here at Morgan Stanley, and at one point all three of us worked here!”

Along with her children, Michelle says her current role at Morgan Stanley is one of her proudest accomplishments. “Everything I have done throughout my career has prepared me for this role and the opportunity to bring diverse asset managers to the forefront of the investment industry.”


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