Microsoft introduces sign language view in Teams

Microsoft introduced “view in sign language“, a new dating experience in Teams that will help signatories – deaf/hard of hearing people, interpreters and other people who use sign language.

The sign language view will provide a more predictable static meeting experience that allows users to prioritize video streams from up to two other signers to center stage.

“When sign language display is enabled, priority video streams appear at the correct aspect ratio and in the highest quality available. You can enable sign language display either on the fly during a meeting or by as a parameter that persists across all of your calls,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

When sign language view is enabled, designated signers will remain visible on the center stage as long as their video is enabled.

Other participants can also be pinned or highlighted without encroaching on the signatories’ space, according to the blogpost.

The company has also made the preferences “sticky”, which means there will be no fiddling with features and views when a user joins a meeting.

The sign language view and accessibility pane are currently only available through a public preview available on a user-by-user basis, the blog added.

The tech giant will be rolling out to all commercial and government customers in the “coming weeks.”

To enable sign language display in meetings by default, in Microsoft Teamsgo to Settings and more, then select Settings > Accessibility, then turn on sign language.


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