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Local businessman Will Mounts has announced his candidacy for Daviess County executive judge in the upcoming election season.

Mounts, who has lived in Daviess County since 2007, is Vice President of OMICO Plastics in Owensboro. He presents himself as a republican.

“County government is basically a business, and that’s exactly what the executive judge is, he’s the county CEO,” Mounts said Wednesday. “Whether you run a public company or a private company, it’s the same thing, it’s all about leadership. “

Mounts said his reason for running for Executive Judge is “to encourage growth in the right areas, while ensuring the safety and sustainability of future generations through hard work, dedication and common sense. “.

Prior to joining OMICO Plastics Inc. in 2007, Mounts worked for Toyota before moving to Daviess County.

Mounts said he would like to see Daviess County make the most of available economic opportunities.

“We need to have a culture change in Daviess County, and that’s one of my topics with sustainability, is we need to increase our tax base, not our tax rate,” he said. -he declares.

Mounts said he believes it is important to encourage a culture of competition and use workforce development programs to grow the county’s workforce.

“We have to take every opportunity that we receive and treat it with equal importance and regularity, then we have to work with planning and zoning and redefine ourselves as willing, able and enthusiastic to do business with people,” Mounts said.

Another area of ​​concern for Mounts is safety in Daviess County.

“I believe we will have to continue to improve safety as we grow in stride,” Mounts said. “I think we need to continue to make sure our first responders have the funds to serve and protect us for years to come.”

Mounts said that as technology continues to evolve, it’s important for local law enforcement to be able to keep pace.

“Technology is changing, body cameras and all that stuff that goes with it, so we have to continue to make sure they have all the tools and resources to do that,” he said.

According to a Tuesday statement, Mounts lives in Philpot with his wife Brandi and daughter Shelby. He graduated from the University of Evansville, where he specialized in management and marketing. Mounts received his MBA from Southern Indiana University in 2003.

To date, the only other candidate to run for Daviess County Executive Judge is current Daviess County Commissioner Charlie Castlen, who is also campaigning as a Republican.


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