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SOUTH WINDSOR — Enviro Power, a local energy technology company, caught the eye of US Senator Chris Murphy, who named the company his June Innovator of the Month.

Murphy said Enviro Power will provide homes with affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly heating with a system that generates electricity at near zero cost.

“High energy costs are making it harder for Connecticut families to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” Murphy said.

Enviro Power CEO Dan Nadav said that in addition to being an efficient boiler system on its own, the company’s SmartWatt boiler can capture heat from the system that would otherwise be wasted to be converted into electricity.

“On the one hand, we reduce a building’s emission profiles, and on the other, we enable the property to realize significant savings on electricity bills,” Nadav said.

Nadav said converting heat to electricity uses the same process and technology as a solar panel. Beyond that, it has battery backup for electricity storage and the ability to ‘reboot’ the boiler, allowing it to provide heat and power in the event of a blackout. current.

“We left Akron, Ohio five years ago, and I think we’ve had three or four three-day or longer outages before,” Nadav said.

Nadav said power outages can be more severe with the work-from-home trend.

“It’s one thing that your fridge isn’t working. That’s another thing you can’t communicate with your customers,” Nadav said.

Nadav said the company has installed pilot units across New England and is preparing to set up its first production units in Connecticut this month.

Nadav said the first model is designed for commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings over 3,000 square feet. He said the company was working on a smaller residential model that it plans to release in 2024.

“The holy grail of the market is the residential market,” Nadav said.

Nadav said he would expect the retail model to have a $2,000 to $3,000 premium over other heating systems, which should pay for itself through the cost offset of electricity in less than two years. He said a homeowner with such a system should be able to claim the same tax credits that solar panel owners are eligible for.

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