New Edition of Adjust Today – “Business Income Insurance Questions”


We are very happy to announce the release of a special edition of Adjustment today, “Business Income Insurance Questions.” Third and final issue dealing with this complex coverage, it focuses on eight difficult questions that have been asked of our professionals, on hot topics like how these covers are interpreted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business income insurance – also known as business interruption cover (AI) – can be essential not only to a business’s success, but to its very survival. It protects the business against loss of income due to a slowdown or temporary suspension of operations resulting from damage to its material assets. To further broaden your understanding of BI insurance, we invite you to read our previous issues on the subject: “A Case for Comprehensive Business Income Insurance” and “Business Interruption Coverage”. activity times three ”.

Adjusters International Firms are available to help businesses and organizations review their insurance coverage and potential exposures from a claims perspective. Free subscriptions to Adjustment today is one of the many ways we work to help policyholders and industry professionals. For those who have suffered a loss of property, we help measure, document and present claims for property damage and business interruption / additional charges to insurers, thus helping the policyholder who has suffered the damage to obtain recovery. financial.

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We appreciate your readership and hope you find this new issue informative. As always, your comments and suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed are welcome. You can contact our editor directly at [email protected]


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