NOLA Business Insider: Avenue Pub on Real Estate Market, Dooky Chase Kitchen on TV |


Two icons of New Orleans’ famed hospitality industry and a new “night mayor” tasked with overseeing the industry are in the news this Tuesday morning.

The Avenue Pub, which advertises itself as a nationally acclaimed beer and whiskey bar with eclectic cuisine, is up for sale. Although he will soon resume his 24-hour schedule, the owner of the high-profile Saint-Charles Avenue watering hole said she is ready to retire after two difficult and pandemic-scarred years. This hub for beer connoisseurs and the real estate it sits on is listed at $1.6 million.

FIT FOR A QUEEN: The country’s eminent Creole chef and his famous New Orleans restaurant will be the source of a new 26-episode television series called “The Dooky Chase Kitchen: Leah’s Legacy”. The series, which is slated for release in 2023, will be presented at the Dooky Chase restaurant and will pay tribute to the late Leah Chase, also known as “The Queen of Creole Cuisine”. Chase, who died in 2019 at the age of 96, was the matriarch of the Orleans Avenue dining institution that started as a black family’s humble bar in segregated New Orleans and grew into a hotspot landmark that has nurtured presidents, celebrities and civil rights leaders.

NEW ‘NIGHT MAYOR’: With disputes between the city’s music venues and their neighbors having become a recurring political issue in recent years, Mayor Latoya Cantrell appointed a “night mayor” to help deal with the problem. Howie Kaplan, owner of the Howlin’ Wolf club and director of the Rebirth Brass Band, has been named the first director of the new Night Economy Office. He will serve as a coordinator between city agencies and hospitality, entertainment and cultural figures outside of city government.

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