NOLA Business Insider: Entergy nuclear outages cost customers $10.2 million |


Electricity bills are rising for New Orleans ratepayers. But why? On Wednesday, Entergy New Orleans exposed problems with its system that have caused exorbitant utility bills and frequent outages under harsh questioning from its regulators to the city council. Company officials have also promised help for low-income customers in the form of a one-time $150 credit. And for the first time, they put a price tag on outages at the Grand Gulf nuclear plant in Mississippi this summer: an additional $10.2 million, paid by customers.

DOWN AND OUT: Two months behind on rent, 26-year-old New Orleans mother Jada Riley has moved out of her one-bedroom apartment and is living in her car with her young son. His plight puts a face to the problem of rising evictions across the country, triggered in part by rental prices that are up nearly 15% from a year ago and nearly 25% from compared to 2019.

ZESTY REAL ESTATE SALE: Interested in owning Chris Owens’ Easter dress? How about his microphone or his bed? Now is your chance. Two months ago, fans of the chic late French Quarter artist who died in April were allowed to purchase some of her memorabilia. This week, an even better selection of Owensabilia hits the market. Writer Doug MacCash has details.

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