NOLA Business Insider: Preventing a vicious cycle of decline is the goal of the NOLA Coalition |


Efforts to reduce crime and eliminate the scourge are at the top of today’s bulletin.

FIGHT AGAINST CRIME: In a bold private sector initiative, a large and diverse group of New Orleans-area business leaders and citizens announced their intention to join forces against the violent crime problem of the city, which they say threatens to send the region into a vicious circle of disinvestment and depopulation if not tackled forcefully. Calling itself The NOLA Coalition, the 177-member organization seeks to sidestep political debate and show that there is broad consensus for immediate action on crime.

CLEAN STRIKE: To renovate the New Orleans Mall, City Hall will hire up to 50 new workers to clean up trash and remove graffiti in the Central Business District and Warehouse District. The idea behind the “Mayor’s Strike Team” is to attract more businesses and residents.

BASE CLEARANCE: Plans to redevelop the former Navy office complex in Bywater into condominiums and retail stores received a boost this week as local government began clearing the site of squatters and debris. The redevelopment project could start as early as next spring, an official said.

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