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Oil and gas developments have been in the headlines as we head into the weekend.

Shell plans to sell its stakes in two Gulf of Mexico oilfields, a move that could net the London-based company, which is the largest oil and gas producer in the Gulf, according to reports. It’s unclear at this point how such a sale would impact the approximately 1,000 Shell employees working in New Orleans.

TO ACT: The Riparian Economies and Ecosystems Reinvestment Act is a cumbersome name for a federal bill. Much smaller is the result of what his eventual passage would mean for Louisiana: $1.9 billion. Journalist Mark Schleifstein explains the complexities of the bipartisan bill that would lift the current $500 million annual cap on oil and gas revenues shared with Gulf states.

HIGH TECHNOLOGY TRAINING: The use of virtual reality for training programs is growing in the state’s industrial sector. Proponents say this brand of immersive technology capable of converting complex content into realistic experiences is gaining traction in various industries, which they hope will open up its benefits to a wider audience.

WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME: Don’t be fooled by the name of the shop located at the corner of rue Derbigny Nord and rue Conti – Gloria’s Grocery. Sure, you can buy things like groceries and sandwiches there, but this 4th arrondissement institution is much more than a food purveyor, thanks in large part to 83-year-old owner Gloria Hilliard, who helped make its namesake the “place to be.”

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