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On the way to growth

This month’s finance conference was a unique and ambitious event. Five simultaneous round tables followed by two round tables with an audience composed mainly of CFOs, present with the aim of helping their company to develop.

For a keynote speaker, luckily, I landed my top pick in travel counselor boss Steve Byrne. The last time I interviewed Steve, the company was on a steady growth curve. It was the first I had heard of him since his business was decimated by the lockdown. The story was inspiring of leadership and determination. In addition to reading the coverage, I encourage everyone to visit our webpage and watch the event as it happened.

One of the few good things to come out of lockdown is video conferencing software like Zoom. I’m sure we can all agree that it’s pretty convenient, but I still prefer seeing people in person. This month I traveled to Burnley to meet some of the organizations there. I was given a very impressive tour of Burnley College to understand how business can benefit from working with academia. Talking to fast-growing companies like VEKA and CoolKit, I learned how they do just that.

I made another trip to Liverpool this month for a panel discussion of some of the “ones to watch” in the city area. It opened my eyes to how new technologies will change the way businesses are run. Instead of sending an item, imagine you order it, 3D print it yourself, and the seller gives you a blockchain voucher to verify that you’re only printing the amount you ordered.

Also this month, Editor-in-Chief Robyn Hewson put together our annual Industrial & Logistics Review. With a special map, you can see what developments near you are under construction and in the planning stages, and read why we’re looking at five years of growth in just one year.

Simon Keegan, Editor, North West Business Insider


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