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  • The EV landscape in India is gaining momentum as consumer perception on the viability of electric vehicles and the need to switch to greener lifestyle choices improves.
  • Amid growing concerns over climate change and India’s attempts to meet its climate change commitments Paris Agreementthe need to adapt a more sustainable approach to consumption is becoming the need of the hour.
  • On September 9, 2022, Business Insider India is hosting “Shifting Gears: EValuating the road to sustainable,” a free virtual event at 7 p.m. IST, featuring speakers from WhoaARAI, BluSmart and simple energy.

The world is turning to alternative fuel sources, and electric vehicles (EVs) are leading the way. India is boosting the adoption of electric vehicles by expanding production facilities and incentive schemes. But why are electric vehicles so crucial for India? Amid growing concerns over climate change and India’s attempts to meet its Paris Agreement commitments, what are the looming challenges facing players? How has the landscape changed in recent years and what more can be done? Hear this insightful conversation with the industry’s top trendsetters and decision makers, only on Business Intern India.

We have seen the industry take shape and gradually evolve into a whole new model that prioritizes a clean and green environment. We are now seeing significant momentum as consumer perception of the viability of electric vehicles as a primary vehicle has improved. The convergence of government incentives and regulations has driven additional private investment across the EV value chain to achieve the scale required for cost reductions and technology advancements. The Indian consumer is increasingly aware of the benefits of a gradual transition to green lifestyle solutions, with the Indian government acting as a catalyst to make the nation EV efficient by pushing policies and tax benefits in the market.

However, making India fully efficient is an ambiguous challenge for the government, including cost, accessibility, actual use, disposal of lithium batteries, and multiple concerns that act as a speed bump in this journey. So, when we talk about EV adoption in India, it is crucial to discuss all areas including climate change, carbon emission standards, leveraging of EVs and challenges of the Indian market.

Business Insider’s virtual event, “Shifting Gears: Evaluating the road to sustainable,” takes place September 9 at 7 p.m. and provides the platform to discuss and analyze this road to sustainability.

The panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of electric vehicle adoption, as well as initiatives by the government and Indian automakers to pick up the pace to bring the era of electric vehicles to India.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Reji Mathai – Director, ARAI
  • Anmol Jaggi – CEO, BluSmart
  • Suhas Rajkumar – Founder and CEO, Simple Energy
  • Anshul Khandelwal – Director of Marketing and Revenue, Ola Group


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