Scottish filmmakers call for skills gap to be closed


The Institute of Directors (IoD) Scotland found that its members are aware of a significant skills gap, with 44% not believing they have the right number of qualified people for their current jobs.

The inauguration State of the Nation Survey of Directors also reinforced a clear need for rapid professional development and training, as 35% of respondents felt unsure about hiring people with the right skills this year.

The survey of cross-sector directors showed that 79% said they believed the main role of the Scottish Government was to ensure “the effective delivery of public services, ensuring a skilled workforce and effective regulation of the market “.

Most directors agreed that they are reasonably taxed, with 65% noting that their business taxes are fair, while 58% of respondents believe their personal tax rate is fair and 53% of respondents think local taxation is fair.

Investing in professional development remains very important to IoD Scotland members, both personally (83%) and their employees (78%).

Louise Macdonald, Country Director of IoD Scotland, said: “The last two years have been a turbulent time for directors of all types of businesses and organisations.

“These findings provide valuable insight into an important time when organizations and their administrators are seeking to recover from the grip of the pandemic.

“While leaders have an optimistic view of the future, we must take seriously their concerns about challenges related to the skills gap,” she continued, adding, “We must particularly consider supporting directors who don’t believe they will be able to recruit the right skills in 2022, and all of these findings will inform our ongoing work as we support trustees in communities across Scotland.

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