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The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has tasked industries to support the amendment of the SON Act of Establishment to strengthen the powers of the agency in its fight against substandard products in Nigeria.

SON Managing Director Mallam Farouk Salim said so during a tour of the facilities at FrieslandCampina in Lagos recently.

Salim said the amendment to the SON law that was in the National Assembly would also allow the standards body to secure more penalties for violators, thereby driving industrialization.

He stressed that industries should support SON because of the myriad of services such as training, application, metrology and laboratory testing it provides to shore up the country’s industrialization agenda.

He noted, however, that the country was going through a season of insecurity and unrest because industries were closing, leading to unemployment.

He added that the industries were suffering from counterfeiting, infrastructure issues, substandard products and the like, but SON was committed to supporting the industry in any way possible.

“We are in the same boat however because we recognize that industry is the heart of a nation as most countries survive on industry and SON is there to support industry. The industry needs support and encouragement and we are working with the National Assembly to adjust our law to provide the necessary support,” he said.

DG SON called on industries to minimize foreign exchange expenditure for overseas lab testing and stressed that when SON labs are supported to be better equipped, the job will be made easier.

Friesland Campina Managing Director Mr Ben Langat called for collaboration between SON as the regulatory agency and local manufacturing companies to support industries in a difficult operating environment.

He underscored the need for an understanding from a business perspective and a regulatory perspective as Nigeria was going through a very difficult time in its economy.

“We are here in different roles, but we have similar interests which are to advance product safety in the best possible way as regulators and producers.

“Nigerian manufacturers face many challenges such as inflation, cost of raw materials, among others, but we need to meet the challenges with people who would see us and support us,” he said.

Langat also underscored the need for collaboration to combat the growing counterfeiting of indigenous products to enable companies to realize their profits and address counterfeit product safety issues.

“Counterfeiting is a big problem and if we don’t come together as regulators and producers to fight this scourge, we won’t make much progress.

“We had raids and made arrests, but after a short while they regrouped and we need help with that,” he said.


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