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Climate of change

As I write, the UK is experiencing beautiful summer weather. It doesn’t always happen, so it’s welcomed by most of us. At the same time, some of the extreme heat here in the UK and across mainland Europe poses a risk to some and is another indicator of the climate emergency. Britain’s weather records could even be broken in the days to come, warns the Met Office (which, despite being a national institution, is also one of ours, being in Exeter).

These kinds of events are a tangible reminder that time is running out for humanity to change its ways when it comes to global warming greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. And, as we well know, businesses are at the forefront of this transition and transformation, even as governments substantially set the context.

The road to net zero carbon is an opportunity many are seizing today, not just for the benefit of the planet, but as a real business opportunity as the rules of capitalism change. We now also understand the importance of moving quickly in this transition. Our cover this month is an example of this: Simone Hindmarch is one of the founders of business services company Commercial Group, and is committed to reducing carbon emissions and the social impact of company for at least a decade and a half. It’s been a fascinating journey for Commercial: turn to page 4 to find out more.

This issue also includes our article on sustainability champions, which is our first annual list of prominent sustainable organizations in the region. Turn to page 33 to review our picks.

The issue also contains the cover of our 2022 ’42 under 42′ dinner which rewarded four of this year’s fascinating cohort with prizes. The whole event was great fun on another hot summer evening.

Christian Annesley, editor


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