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What was striking about working on this June issue of Insider was how many paths we took that led us back to questions about sustainability, social impact and good governance.

Some of it was intentional – after all, we hosted a fascinating sustainability-themed business breakfast to a packed house – but most of it wasn’t.

Our cover story on opportunities for the Cornish economy is a good example of this.
The county has a long and varied economic history, but it’s only very recently that the opportunities around renewable energy and energy management have crystallized into something tangible. The opportunity in floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, and similarly in lithium mining and geothermal heat, is recent and compelling. Even the story Cornwall is forging in space and satellites has an environmental angle, it turns out.

It is also striking how investment decisions are now largely informed by corporate environmental, social and governance practices, whereas not so long ago this would hardly have figured in a funding decision.

What changed ? The climate emergency is focusing minds and driving regulation, of course, but it also boils down to a renewed sense of responsibility that is widely felt for the role we play in sustaining the planet. If every employee, every individual, is engaged in questions about sustainability, about purpose, about ensuring that pensions are invested for the greater good, for example, that becomes something that companies will of course engage with .

Are we at a turning point in how these responsibilities shape business? It’s hard to say, but the balance of things is definitely changing. Before leaving, an important reminder. Our 2022 Dealmakers Awards will take place on June 9 in Bristol and our 2022 Residential Property Awards will take place in Exeter on June 16. Book your tables now! These should be great nights out, and it’s wonderful to bring people together to celebrate hard work and success.

Christian Annesley, editor


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