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There is no one way for a business to scale. This month, for our two feature interviews, we have met companies that are testifying to this truth.

For our ‘Business Leader of the Month’ interview, we sat down with Sallyanne Lewis of engineering consultancy Buro Happold. She told us about the plans for this large global operation that has been running since 1976 and has 2,000 employees to double in size in six years, even with the current economic headwinds everyone is facing. It took a fascinating hour to hear how this limited company, headquartered in Bath, has the opportunity to expand its footprint, as well as grow through acquisitions.

Next to that, our other big interview in September is our meeting with the “leader of transformation”, which we spent interviewing Clare Elford, Managing Director of Clue Computing. It’s a software company that’s actually grown out of a similar recognizable company since the late 1980s – only about a decade after Buro Happold launched in 1976 – but it’s at Over the past few years in particular that the company’s sibling leadership duo has really gotten things done. The investigations software platform offered by Clue has been used by over a dozen UK police forces to stay on top of their investigative work for many, many years, but without the platform being promoted and developed in wider markets. Recently, however, the company really grabbed the nettle, developed its proposition and took it out into the world. It’s a fascinating lesson, really, in how some of the best ideas still sometimes need an injection or a spark to come to fruition, and that’s exactly what’s happening at Clue right now. Go to page 23 for the full story.

Our September issue contains the usual varied range of Insider content, from an article on opportunities in Devon’s economy to one focused on managing property costs and a few tech-focused articles that in turn examine the digital transformation and artificial intelligence. Dip.

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