Spotify launches ‘RADAR Podcasters’ program for emerging podcasters in India


  • Spotify launches new program in 15 global markets to uplift emerging podcasters.
  • Spotify also announced the initial list of podcasters that will be spotlighted with the RADAR program.
  • Apparently, Spotify will focus on different local languages ​​in India.

Swedish music streaming platform Spotify has launched a new program that will uplift emerging podcasters around the world, including India, and provide them with support to grow their audience.

The company launched the “RADAR Podcasters” program in 15 global markets, including India. It takes its name and format from ‘RADAR’, which supports emerging artists.

Additionally, Spotify also announced the initial roster of podcasters that will be spotlighted with the RADAR program.

The top three podcasts chosen in India to make this list include ‘Anurag Minus Verma’, ‘Chumma conversations with Satshyaa’ and ‘Getting Lost with Archit and Shirin: All About Food’.

In India, Spotify will focus on a different local language every three months.

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“For the next cycle of this initiative, the focus will be on Tamil, one of the fastest growing languages ​​on Spotify in India for music and podcasts,” the company said in a statement.

Each quarter, participating markets will spotlight two or three emerging creators, selected from the millions of podcasters using Anchor, Spotify’s podcast creation platform.

Through this program, more than 40 creators from all over the world will be highlighted, in countries where podcasting continues to develop.

Each quarter, Spotify’s Podcast team in participating markets will select three up-and-coming creators to spotlight.

“We will focus on creators with shows that demonstrate authenticity and inclusivity, give us a reason to keep listening, educating and entertaining,” the company added.


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