Staffing resources are biggest headwind as aviation industry gets back on its feet: IATA


SINGAPORE: Over the past two years during the pandemic, many people have left the aviation industry – some laid off, others of their own volition – and they may not return.

This has made staffing the “biggest headwind” for the sector which is on the mend, said Philip Goh, regional vice president for Asia-Pacific at the International Air Transport Association (IATA). ), Philip Goh, at NAC.

“A particular concern, of course, is skilled labor. It takes time to train people,” he said. In customer service, for example, it takes time and experience to learn how to manage people, he said.

If resources such as labor cannot keep pace, airlines will have limits on the capacity they can hand over, he said.

“Until capacity can return to normal, you will likely continue to experience high load factors, possibly high airfares,” he said.

“So hopefully airlines…airports are able to find the resources they need to grow so they can staff their operations adequately.”


The recovery of the global aviation industry is “on track”, Mr Goh said.

This is despite forecasts that the global aviation industry will lose an estimated US$9.7 billion this year. In Asia-Pacific, that figure is expected to be around $8.9 billion, Goh said.

“In July, we see that air traffic was already at around 75% of 2019 levels. This is of course largely driven by the national recovery,” he said.


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