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VERNON — A letter from employees of Starbucks on Talcottville Road dated May 12 announces their intention to unionize.

The letter, credited to 15 named store employees and others who wish to remain anonymous, was posted on social media by Starbucks Workers United, a collective of employees organizing unions across the United States with the support of Rochester, New York. United Upstate.

The letter, addressed to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, says the company saw massive profit increases from 2020 to 2021, but still pays employees ‘poverty wages’ and offers little support or benefits. to employees.

“We gave our work, our best attitudes, our bodies and our well-being to Starbucks, and faced only unequal pay, insufficient or non-existent breaks, sexual and physical harassment and constant marginalization ( sic) from local management and the company. “, we read in the letter.

The letter says employees at the chain’s location have been subjected to a “dramatic decline” in their working environment and are suffering from major understaffing issues, despite being one of the stores the most active and best paid in the region.

“Our inability to meet unrealistic demands due to inadequate infrastructure and a lack of adequate staffing has only led the partners to extreme hardship at work,” the letter reads.

The letter says these struggles have left employees with unionization as the only avenue to improve working conditions.

“We believe Starbucks has the ability to treat its partners with dignity and respect, and to be a better company, but not until it realizes that there is no company without us.” , concludes the letter.

An unnamed Starbucks media representative wrote in an emailed statement to the Journal Inquirer this morning that the company is “listening and learning” from unionized store employees across the country.

“From the start, we have been clear in our belief that we are better off together as partners, with no union between us, and that belief has not changed,” the email read.

The email said Starbucks would invest nearly $1 billion in fiscal 2022 in areas such as increasing salaries and improving staff training.

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