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Hang on, readers, it’s almost Friday. Starting this week, Snapchat superfans can access exclusive, early-stage features with a $3.99 per month Snapchat+ subscription.

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1. Snapchat just launched a paid subscription plan. For $3.99 per month, Snapchat+ subscribers will get access to a few new features, including changing the app icon and viewing their stories more than once.

  • Some features (like pinning a friend’s conversation to the top of your chat history as “BFF”) will remain exclusive to subscribers, but features that rely on interactions with others will eventually roll out to all users.
  • Snapchat+ will launch this week in several countries, including the US, UK and Canada, before rolling out elsewhere.
  • The launch of Snapchat’s subscription service comes just a month after Snap’s CEO told staff the company plans to slow hiring and warned investors of weaker revenue growth.

What you need to know about Snapchat+.

In other news:

Tech: Paid Snapchat subscription
Musk announced in June that Tesla’s workforce would increase.Patrick Pleul/Getty Images

2. Tesla now tracks office traffic. The company monitors how often workers use their badge to log in, and a screenshot posted by a Tesla employee shows the automaker emailing workers who haven’t “badged” themselves enough . Learn more about Tesla’s attendance policy.

3. DTC darling Allbirds is at an inflection point. After an initial valuation of $4 billion, the direct-to-consumer sneaker company continued to lose money and shares fell 85%. Analysts share what Allbirds will need to do to stand a chance against Nike or Adidas.

4. Layoffs keep happening. Yesterday, Substack laid off around 14% of the company, StockX laid off 8% of its workforce, and Pokémon GO developer Niantic cut between 85 and 90 jobs, or around 8% of its workforce.

5. An internal email shows that Amazon has tested a new employee sentiment survey. In the face of executive attrition and turnover, the company piloted a new HR program to gauge employee sentiment throughout the week. Here’s how it worked.

6. Alphabet discloses salary data in visa applications, revealing how much employees earn. Alphabet isn’t just about Google – it has a host of exciting projects, from driverless cars to delivery drones. Check out the highest base salary offer here.

7. Instagram is increasingly moderating accounts that use the word “abortion.” Resource groups and users advocating for access to – and information about – the medical procedure say Instagram has been hiding, blocking and even deleting accounts since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. What we know so far.

8. People use deepfakes to apply remotely technology works. In a public announcement, the FBI said it has seen an increase in complaints about candidates overlapping videos to impersonate someone else during an interview. What’s behind the increase in deepfakes.


Tech: Paid Snapchat subscription
The Hyundai Ioniq

9. Hyundai has just unveiled a futuristic electric sedan. Although we don’t know much about the car just yet, we do know that it will have a curvy, clean look – and that it uses cameras instead of mirrors. Take a look at the Ioniq 6.

10. An Uber driver says she more than doubled her monthly tips after buying a Tesla. In an interview with Bloomberg, Heidi Barnes said customers were “much more generous” after she traded in her Toyota Camry for a Tesla Model 3 – and she earned $2,600 in tips in 25 days.

What we’re looking at today:

  • The House Financial Services task force is hosting a hearing on “fighting ‘tech bro’ culture” at 12 p.m. ET.
  • Micron and others report revenue. Track earnings here.
  • Xbox’s TV app will be available on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs in 27 countries.
  • Spirit Airlines shareholders must vote on the proposed merger with Frontier Airlines.

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