The cheapest cities to drink a glass of beer in 2022


How much do you pay for a glass of beer in your city? That’s the question Statista tried to answer in a recent survey comparing beer prices in selected cities around the world. The survey listed Dubai, Oslo, New York, Melbourne, London and Berlin as the most expensive cities to have a drink of beer. On the other hand, Sao Paulo, Prague, Beijing, Lagos, Almaty and Hanoi have the cheapest average beer price.

As you can see, Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city and commercial nerve, is the only African city on the list. In this bustling city, it would cost you an average of $0.96 to quench your thirst with a 0.51 liter glass of beer.

Here’s what you need to know about beer in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole

For a bustling city full of over 20 million people, it’s no surprise that beer is widely consumed here. In fact, Nigeria leads the pack of the top 10 beer-consuming African countries, according to statistics obtained from Global Data.

Focus on the best Nigerian brewers

Interestingly, most of the beer consumed in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria is produced locally. Nigeria has a number of brewers. However, the top three are Nigerian Breweries Plc which is backed by Heineken, Guinness Nigeria Plc which has the backing of Diageo and International Breweries which is backed by AB InBev.

The three main Nigerian brewers are currently engaged in very fierce competition for market share. Information obtained from Proshare showed that Nigerian breweries alone control around 60% of the market share. And Business Insider Africa’s audits showed the company earned more than $1 billion in revenue selling beer and other beverages in fiscal 2021.

International Breweries and Guinness Nigeria have very similar market shares at 22.4% and 22.1%, respectively. The former earned approximately $423.5 million in revenue in fiscal 2021. Guinness Nigeria, meanwhile, posted revenue of $113 million for its first quarter ended December 31, 2022.


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